My Story

At the age of 12, I was planting gardens with my first garden was 50 by 100 feet. That failed. Like most gardeners I failed to understand Gardening is not put the seeds in the ground and wait, Its hard work and love. Without these things nothing will grow but the weeds.

I have learned a lot in the 28 years since I have even chased my Doctoral degree if you can believe that. But my love has always been the dirt and what can be grown with a work and a little love.

Evermore Gardens

Evermore Gardens started out of my love for Gardening in 2019. After Leading marketing for National brands, I walked away from the corner office with the big windows because my hands still remembered the feel of that seed packet, the promise, and the potential it provided. The hope is to spark this same passion in the next generation of Gardeners.